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behemothooc's Journal

B e h e m o t h - A panfandom RP
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B. e. h. e. m. o. t. h.

Biomechanical Earth Hording Elemental Moving Organism Travelling Hexapod

You wake.

You stand, still light-headed. The ground seems to shift and pulse beneath your feet, like something alive. But as your head clears, you realize that you were not imagining that feeling; the very earth beneath your feet rumbles, with a rythm like a heartbeat, or a steady gait. You look up, expecting to see the sky, but see instead a sort of shifting miasma of gold, and beyond that, brown -- stone? But there is light, you can see -- you look around, and realize that it is not sunlight, but instead a dried out, dirty light, like sunlight that has been used one too many times. Before you is a city, if you can really call it that. Buildings are scrunched together with stone-paved streets between them, brown-tinged from the weak light. The light seems to come from above you, from the miasma, although there are also tall, well-worn streetlights from which shine a similar light, only much duller. You see a person shuffling by, their face kept low, hood drawn close. There are others like them, just a short distance away, going about their lives. Their clothes seem dirty, but everything seems at least a little dirty, here. You stop them, ask where you are, what's going on, and their response is only the flicker of a knowing glance, a wry almost-smile, and a grainy, "Below." And then they go on their way.

You spend a long time trying to find out what they'd meant. You ask more people, who respond in more or less the same way, with the almost smile of someone older and wiser. You find out that this "Below" is very large, building after building and street after street of semi-dark and structures that look like they're made out of metal and stone in varying proportions, makeshift but sturdy. You come to learn that this city itself is called "Below", but that the place that you are in, the world inclosed by the earth above you is called the "Lower World". If there is a lower world, then there must be an upper world, right? You ask, and are told -- yes, there is one. Yes, you can get out. You are pointed in the direction of a large gate, set into the wall of the cavern, with stairs behind it leading upwards. You head toward it, already aching for sunlight.

It is a long climb. Your legs are sore, and you do not know how long you have been going -- it seems much too long. But at long last, you see the faint flicker of sunlight. You hurry towards it, too relieved to even notice that the motion and faint roar you'd gotten used to in Below has gotten very less noticeable. You step out onto cobbled streets, and breathe in fresh air. You look up, and can see the beautiful blue sky above you, clouds and sunshine and all. You walk around this "Upper World", enjoy the light, but it is not long until you come across something very odd. A great metal pillar protrudes from the ground. You look up, following its path with your eyes. You see a metal joint, like a knee. You follow it further, and as the clouds shift out of the way, you see not blue, as you had in another part of this world, but green. The metal pillar ends in an enormous claw, and as you watch, it slowly lifts away from the green -- grass, you realize -- and drifts forwards, finally coming back to the 'sky-ground'. You are understandably distressed to discover that you are upside down. You expect, automatically, that you will suddenly go rushing towards the ground above you -- but you do not. The gravity of this strange world holds you close.

You ask around here, as well, considerably more urgently. Laughing, the people here -- more friendly -- point you towards a library. You take their advice, go there and ask for an explanation, and the one you recieve is... not quite what you were expecting.

A giant machine. You're on a giant machine -- called "Behemoth", by its residents. It's enormous, they say. It has legs, too -- it walks across the land as it pleases, and stops as it pleases, burrows under ground and stretched out as it pleases. The Upper World is made up of this city, and other places; it's growing all the time, as the Behemoth collects new places. The Lower World is made up of the innards of this 'beast', so to speak -- caverns and metal pathways and who knows what else. You don't believe them; they show you a picture. It's true; an enormous, roundish planet-like machine, with its own gravity, its own little worlds all contained on its back and in its belly, with metal legs that push aside the buildings and tear through the ground when needed. It has a mind of its own, they say. And you say, "How do I leave?"

And their response?

You don't.

Save the world.

Conquer the world.

Destroy it, assist it, live in it, try to escape it -- no matter what, it's home now.

Such a strange home.

What is Behemoth?

Behemoth is a panfandom roleplay. Behemoth the machine is an enormous 'creature' made of metal and the earth that it has collected. It travels across a world much too large for a name, carrying with it a large number of people and places. It has its own gravitational field (which can be quite subjective, at times) and its own atmosphere -- some of the time, anyway. A lot of the time you can see right through it, which can be unnerving if you're on the underside. It's not just a big round ball -- it stretches out sometimes, or shifts itself into all kind of shapes. It can even burrow underground, and there are rumors that it can fly, too, but nobody's ever seen it. There are other places on this world, and occasionally Behemoth stops for a rest, letting the people that live in and on it out for a little break. But don't try to stray too far -- Behemoth is very... insistant that its guests stay close.

Each part of Behemoth is very different from the next, since they've been collected in fragments from all over this larger world -- and others. Behemoth collects people, too, which is where your characters come in. Each little fragment has its own novelty, and there's always new places to explore. Things rarely stay the same; there's new things to do and people to meet (and save. Or rob. Your choice), new games to play and friends to make all the time. New places and arcs are a group effort; if there's something you really want to see, go ahead and suggest it. Events go on all the time, from the common to the not-so-common. If there's something you've always wanted to do but just couldn't find the place or the chance, you're likely to find it here. So what are you waiting for? Go take a look.



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